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Trouble starting Solara once car is stopped after driving for a while


I have a 2000 Camry Solara V6 with about 108K miles on it. The car has recently started to give the following problem:

The car starts without any problem in the morning and runs smoothly. There is no problem while the engine is in idle mode. The problem starts when after driving for a while I shut the engine, say for filling in gas. When I try to start the engine again the engine will start, idle for a couple of seconds and then die. The engine doesn’t keep on running in idle mode. I can keep the engine running by pressing on the accelerator and keeping the rpm above 1000. Once I drive for a few feet then the engine doesn’t die even if I idle at a stop light.

This generally happens only after I shut the engine after having driven the car for a few miles and then start the engine again within the next 20 minutes.

The battery is in good condition.

Any clues on what the problem may be?

Thanks a lot!


If the service has not been done recently, have the throttle body cleaned with emphasis on the Idle Air Control passages. Usually the problem arises when the full warmed engine is shut off and allowed to cool completely. The idle will be excessively low until the engine warms up again. However, a gummed up IAC could be the source of your problem.

Hope this helps.