2002 Toyota Rav4

Based on a recall noticed I drove my Rav to the the suggested dealership to have the engine control module reprogramming follow-up checked out. I drove it to the dealer. There was nothing wrong with my vehicle when i dropped it off. The recall noticed and dealership stated that it would be a 10 minute reprogramming (the engine light would indicate that there was something wrong but in reality there would be no problems). So the 10 minute visit now has turned into a 4 day wait. The problem was that the dealership fried out the control module and the car would not start. The dealership gave me a loaner car free of charge. They will replace the module for free. It was their mistake.My question is what else can I expect to go wrong, if anything, with my car due to the control module being replaced. I’ve heard horror stories about the transmission not working and other related problems. Do you have any advice on what to ask the dealership when I pick-up my car on 02/05/08? Help!

There is a wide range of possibilities but you will probably have no problems. Ask if you can get a Toyota hat for free. There were lots of clothes and coffee mugs at the last Toyota dealer I visited. If I had known it was the LAST Toyota dealership, I would have brought the whole family.

They will fix it don’t worry. If more was damaged than the control module each item will be replaced. Don’t worry Toyota dealers repairs are warrantied for 1yr/12000 miles.