Engine Control Module - Toyota RAV4

The Engine Control Module on my RAV4 was recently reprogrammed due to a recall from Toyota. Since this was done I am having problems with a rough idle about half of the time when I come to a stop. The RPMs will drop and remain low or sometimes it will drop and then will rise back up to normal.

I contacted my Toyota dealer and he said that the recall service they performed has nothing to do with the idle. I don’t know what an Engine Control Module is or what it does. I only know that I started having the idle problem immediately after the recall service was performed.

Can some one tell me if the Engine Control Module reprogramming can affect the idle?


Well, it’s called an “Engine Control Module” for a reason, and that reason is that the module controls the engine. I suggest you go back to the dealer and ask them to fix this problem. Your RAV4 should idle normally after the “reprogramming,” just as it did before.

It’s possible that there is another problem and the timing is coincidental, but without knowing the year and mileage of your RAV4 it’s impossible to speculate.

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It would be interesting to know how much time lapsed between the reprogramming and the discovery of the erratic idle problem.
Also, what year RAV4, how many miles on it, and the usual driving habits (mostly highway, mostly city/short hop,etc.).

The ECM, based on various inputs, controls the Idle Air Valve and it’s also quite possible the reprogramming has nothing to do with the erratic idle. Maybe the problem is related to an Idle Air Valve problem (common) rather than the ECM itself.