2002 Rav 4

Transmission Trouble come as a surprise?

I don’t know. What are you towing? Keep up with any maintenance? 6 years and how many miles?

This has become a somewhat common issue of the RAV4. Sorry folks Toyota as a whole is not infallible nor lasts 300k without some issues along the way.

Don’t buy Toyota simply due to perceived reliability.

I bought this car new - 102,000 miles, started bucking, shuddering. Got a reflash per a service bulletin. Worked well for one week and now is doing the same thing. This is the first issue with what has been a great car. Dealer now tells me I need a new transmission. Went to several online discussion rooms and have found hundreds of similar comments about the 2002 Rav4, people trying to deal with Toyota, all of these problems happen after the 80,000 miles/8 year warranty has just passed, etc, and it’s no deal with Toyota, at the local or regional level. Just wondering if anyone else out there has a similar issue. This is my third toyota and the last went to 285,000 miles. I’m very disappointed with the company right now.