2020 Toyota RAV4 - Wiring harness

I have a Rav 4 and I had a check hybrid system - take to dealer warning come on. The dealer discovered the hi-voltage wiring harness needed replacing. 2 weeks later we received the part and it was installed. The cost to us was $4,894.96. The dealer was very helpful by giving us a loaner car. But there was no help from Toyota for our car cost which had just turned over to 37,000 miles on the odometer. Warranty ran out at 36,000 miles. This is a huge issue (financial cost) which I think Toyota ought to have at least partially covered.

Save your receipt. you never know there may be a recall in the future. then you can get reimbursed.

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I agree w/you that Toyota should have provided some assistance given the warranty expired only 1,000 miles prior. The dealership may not have this option however. In this case you’d have to take this issue to Toyota corporation directly. There should be a page in the warranty section of the owner’s manual that explains how to do this. Suggest your communications with Toyota be clear, firm and polite. Any indication of rudeness will hurt, not help your cause.

One good thing that occurred (you might mention this as a way of being polite to the Toyota Corp folks), the replacement harness was actually available. In this Covid era, that sort of car-part availability isn’t a certainty.

I’m guessing if you play your cards right you’ll wind up w/ around $500- $1,000 help on this, perhaps a little more, maybe in the form of future discounted service fees rather than cash.

Be sure to make dated copies of everything you mail to Toyota. File those in order with whatever date-stamped mailings you get from Toyota. Avoid telephone conversations. Too easy to create misunderstandings. Best to confine this negotiation to writing, on both sides. If your only alternative is a telephone conversation, and if legal in your state, ask a friend to listen in on another line and make notes of what was said.


This is shaping up to be very bad for Toyota owners. This story may help add some background if interested:


According to the article in @GorehamJ 's link above, the hybrid system warranty is for 8 years & 100,000 miles. Since this cable seems to be part of the hybrid system, I expect the dealership may have made a mistake telling you the warranty has already expired. If there’s a dispute you may have to get your magnifying reading glasses out and read the warranty’s fine print.

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The Hybrid system warranty covers three parts, Hybrid battery control module, Hybrid control module and the inverter/converter. The rear traction motor and wiring harness are not covered by this warranty.

Additional warranty coverage would be up to Toyota Motor Corporation if the vehicle owner contacts Toyota Customer Service for assistance.

A warranty extension for this problem is likely to be issued in the future.

Well this is disappointing. I wonder if the parts will be revised, and when.

A service bulletin was issued in March with revised part numbers. Toyota usually takes responsibility for these problems after things are sorted out.

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That is just wrong. I feel like us peeps are getting screwed at every opportunity available.

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