2002 Toyota RAV4 locks malfunction in snow

My car is doing the same thing the person above said. I left the door open while cleaning snow off the windshield and snow fell on the locks. It keeps clicking like its trying to lock or unlock the door. I did change the battery in the remote. I was going on a 10 hr drive and didn’t want to listen to the clicking the whole way. It worked for awhile. Also, it locks the doors with the keys still in it. Does anyone have any suggestions other than cleaning the snow off the car before I get in it!

Might help to use a hair dryer for a few minutes to heat up the lock and evaporate any water that got inside.

If yo can’t get a hair dryer to the car, Take a big bucket of hot water and pour it over the outside of the door, slowly. It will warm up the interior and hopefully solve the problem.