2002 Toyota Corolla

My parents have a 2002 Toyota Corolla. This year the transmission gave out. They talked to Toyota Dealer and they were going to charge them an arm and a leg. Understandable since it’s the dealer and it’s the transmission. They got the transmission fixed by a mechanic. A month after, the engine is now kaput. Really? A 2002 Toyota Corolla with engine problems after 7 years. The dealer said there’s nothing they could do. Would it be justified for us to complain to corporate office that the car should have engine problems after 7 years?? I think so. But I guess I was spoiled by my grandfather’s 1992 Corolla that didn’t have this much problem.

Oh, and just to add… They bought the car brand new from the dealer.

Was the corolla serviced according to the maintenance schedule? By the dealer or other mechanic? Do you have all the records? Need more information to help you…

What, exactly, is kaput about the engine? How many miles were done in those 7 years? And, as mshugna asked, what was its maintenance history?