2002 Toyota cabin A/C filter

I know it’s behind the glove compartment. How do I gain access to check or change it?

Thanks for any help…appreciate it.

2002 Toyota ???

Good ol’ Toyota, makers of the ‘whachamacallit’.

The parts dept of your toyota dealer can tell you.

It should be in the owner’s manual. On my Camry it has a screw on the side of the glove dept door and then the filter is behind it.

Sorry…it"s 2002 Toyota Avalom

On an IS300 Lexus (which is a Corolla body cousin) it’s reached by opening the glove compartment, then gently squeezing the side of the compartment inward to pull a stopper past the frame of the opening, one on each side. Then the compartment swings all the way down, and in there you will see a panel you pull out with the filter inside. It’s easier than it sounds.

This is a 2002 Toyota Avalon…thanks for your reply

Often aftermarket filter suppliers will have directions in the box with the filter or on their web sites.