2002 Taurus stalls while moving. Dash lights come on



Have a 2002 Ford Taurus SES. while going down the road the car dash lights come on and the car stalls, after about five seconds it will start again or I put it in neutral and restart it with the ignition key. It has done this at stop lights as well. Mostly while moving. Took it to ford dealer and they put it on the computer, said there was nothing wrong. Have had modules installed, not sure which ones. This is very disconcerting, am too old to walk. Thanks, John R


If you took the car to Auto Zone, or other auto parts store, and got a free scan of the SES, it would help a lot in diagnosis.


“…while going down the street and the car stalls…” is the gas pedal depressed, or, have you let up on the gas? If you have let up on the gas, the throttle valve is at the idle position. There is a test of the Idle Air Control Valve where the throttle is opened and released. If the engine stumbles, or stalls, the Idle Air Control Valve and its control circuit, including the engine computer should be checked for proper operation, preferably with a scan tool. A capable mechanic can do most of the test with a digital multimeter.