2004 Ford Taurus. Changed the cam shaft synchronizer

I can’t help but feel I missed a step in replacing the camshaft synchronizer with new sensor. There was no code before I replaced the it. It was replaced because there was a chirping noise in the engine. Now there is an engine code. I had the car at tdc when I took out the old one. After installing the new one, using the alignment tool, there is a code for the cam sensor. Replaced the sensor once, cleared the code, and the code keeps coming back. The car is running really rough now and was not like this with the old sensor in. Can timing affect this code and driveability concern? Is it possible the timing is off? If so is there a way of correcting it without having to have the whole job re-done? Is is possible the timing moved while removing the old sensor without using the alignment tool?


When replacing the cam sensor or the synchronizer, you need to use a cam synchronizer tool

I’m not sure exactly what engine you have, but they’re readily available. Some parts stores even have them, for a modest price

Without using the tool, you can’t really be sure things are aligned 100%

I’m a little confused by the last line in your post . . . was there an alignment tool included with the new synchronizer?

the tool was used to install it but not to remove it.

Recheck your timing marks. It sounds like you are off a tooth. When I do timing chains/belts I like to turn the engine over by hand at least twice and make sure all the marks line up correctly.

its an internal chain on a 2004 ford taurus. You guys are no help at all. All I want to know is…
Can timing affect this code and driveability concern?
Is is possible the timing moved while removing the old sensor without using the alignment tool?
I feel like you are running me in circles. Are you even real mechanics?

To answer your question again, yes not installing the sensor incorrectly will do exacyly as you describe. You should not take out your frustrations on thoose willing to help you out of the bind your in.

Yes we are real mechanics. Very good ones. At least some of us.

If you have a problem now you did not have before attempting to repair your car then the issue is almost certainly related to the work you did.

You need to tell us what fault code you have before we can tell you whether it’s related to your rough running.

If you did not use the alignment tool for verifying correct alignment both before removing and after installing the synchro drive then you did the work improperly.

The camshaft synchronizer can be properly “timed” without doing the whole job over again, but you almost certainly lack the equipment and ability to do so, as well as any further testing that may be needed to get to the bottom of your problem.

How did you determine the engine was at TDC?

A bit crass to post while not even mentioning which engine you have and then accuse people here of running you in circles and questioning mechanical abilities.