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2002 Suzuki wiring help

Hello there , so i bought this Swift from an old man , and i wanted to upgrade the stereo (mp3) and i have some wiring problems.(the colors are not compatible) I found the 2002 wiring diagram , but the new mp3 (which i bought yesterday) instruction manual it’s not really compatible with the names, see in the photos below to understand. If someone may associate this two i could do the job myself.You can see cleary the colors are not matching.Thanks.

The image which is showing the wires , the 4 (blue,red,black,yellow) are from the new player.

I suggest you get a meter so you can check for power and resistance on the wires of the car. By checking the resistance of the white and orange wire pairs you should be able to figure out the speaker wiring is. I didn’t see any obvious wires that supply battery and ground to the unit. I have to wonder if there is another plug that is missing in the picture for that part. By checking for voltage with the meter you can figure out what the proper wires are for that.

I would suggest going to and ordering the adapter that will connect your head unit to the factory wiring in that car rather than hacking something together.


I’d start off by figuring out a way to temporarily connect battery power (+12 v) to the radio’s two battery-power inputs and also connect the ground, and see if the radio at least lights up and seems to respond to key presses. Keep the volume knob all the way down when you do this. Next connect up one speaker. Do you hear anything when you dial in a station? If so, connect up the next speaker and re-test, etc etec, until it all seems to be working. You’ll eventually have to configure it so one of the power inputs is always connected to battery power, and the other is connected to the battery only if the key is in acc or on. But leave that part 'till later, after you know the radio and speakers are working. The two battery inputs are needed b/c there is memory inside the radio that needs to be powered up all the time, for station numbers, clock etc.