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what color wires in the radio go to what

Sorry, no way to see the radio or your car from here…

Seriously, even within a single model and year, the wire colors can change, so I doubt you will ever get answers that are 100% right. If you are this puzzled, you should probably take it to a stereo shop to have it swapped.

You need a wiring diagram for your vehicle to answer that question.

I hope you haven’t cut any wires.

I found the best way for this(if you really don’t want to go to a professional) is get a “aftermarket wiring kit”(you can always return it to the store if you don’t damage it) Inside it will have a plug that will plug into your factory harness, and the other end will have wires to be connected to your aftermarket radiocd player. Now, you didn’t say weather you were installing a different radio or not, but that harness will have the wires labled. Find the lable you want, then follow it into the harness, which then plugs into your factory harness. It sounds easier than it really is. Some factory radios have a mess of wires back there if other amplifies are involved, such as chrysler with the infinity sound systems. If it’s a bassic radio setup, you’ll have two wires for each speaker(thats 8 right there) a main constant power wire, a switched wire from your fuse box(so the radio shuts off when you pull key) and it may or may not include a ground wire in that harness, and may or may not have a power antena, and may or may not have a dimming sensor wire. Sometimes the ground is a seperate wire that gets screwed into the rear of the factory deck, which you’ll have to use for the ground on your aftermarket radio! I’ll try to check in, but good luck anyway!

You can do a “pop” test using a 9v battery to tell which wires go to which speakers

Momentairly touch the suspected speater wires to the battery, the speaker will pop if you have the correct two, this won’t tell you if polarity is correct, just those two wires go to that speaker.

Ground,switched 12v,and constant 12v can be identified by a multimeter set to the correct area (continuity,or DC voltage)