Stalling on a 2001 suburban

i have a 2001 chevy 1500 suburbon it all of a sudden started spuddering then stalled. got it started again and ran ok at like 70mph until i got home but when i would slow it would want to stall. so i changed the fuel filter thinking that was the problem it was ok for a short time then started doing it again stalling out then i can start it up again and drive it for a bit then stall again. what could possibly be the problem? fuel pump? i figured if it was that it would not be ok at high speeds and rugh at low. please help me thank you. Gary W

i had a similar problem with my 2002 Suburban. Mine would stall whenever i asked the engine to work. it would be ok at high or low speeds unless i was accelerating. whenever the rpm’s went above 2000 it would start to hitch and stall if i didnt let off the gas. I found that the problem with mine was a failing fuel pump. have them do a pressure test on it and see. it’s easy, quick and fairly inexpensive.

I agree with pacsqueen. I have a 99 suburban was doing the same thing. One it didn’t start at all. I replaced the fuel pump. Which is located in the tank. After that I had no problems.