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2002 Subaru Outback brakes

I have a 2002 Outback whose brake pads seem to need replacing every 4-6 months. I am the original owner, the car has been in two accidents; once rear ended by someone going about 30-35 miles per hour (I was at a full stop) the car was in the shop for 2 weeks, it was completely “tweaked” in one direction. The insurance company wouldn’t total it. The second time someone ran into the front right wheel. Never had a problem with the brakes, until the last accident, now the brakes just don’t last. Within 2-3 months of new pads and/or rotor resurfacing, I start feeling the familiar wobbling of uneven brakes.
I guess my question is: Is this usual? The car has about 145,000 miles on it. I take it to a great shop, it’s on the Car Talk list of great mechanics, 5 stars. Love these guys. Even they cannot explain why the brakes don’t last. I’ve asked if they’ve changed suppliers, and I believe them when they tell me ‘no’. I don’t ‘ride’ the brakes. I do however live in a very hilly area, and work in a very hilly area, (Berkeley HIlls, Bay area) they do get a workout. However, my live and work area have not changed since I’ve had the car, and the problem hasn’t always existed. I take very good care of the car, it’s in otherwise great shape.
Does anyone have any ideas?

If the rotors are only beiong “resurfaced”, they need to be replaced. Every time material is removed (“resurfacing” machines off a layer on the rotor surfaces), the rotor becomes less resistant to warping.

When the pads are replaced, are they worn evenly? All the same amount? Uneven pad wear, whether it be more wear on one side of the rotor than the other, one side of the car than the other, or the pads wearing at an agle relative to their backing plates, indicates a mechanical problem. Sticking (open or closed) calipers, calipers not riding cleanly on the slides, or even a bent part or damaged flex line could easily cause wear problems.

You should also report this to your insurance company and initiate an amendment to your accident claim. If this began after he accident, it should be repaired under the policy.

No, it isn’t usual.