2010 Outback Brake issue

Our 2010 Outback has required turning of brake rotiors 4 times over the past year, about every 5000 miles. Our mechanic cannot find a cause for the frequent need for maintenance, simply attributes it to our mountainous location. But we have lived there for 3 years and the problem only started last year. And our second vehicle a Nissan Rogue is not experiencing this problem. The only suggestion mechanic has is to order genuine Subaru parts to see if this fixes it. Thoughts?

Yes , you need a different mechanic and one that actually does brake work. Turning rotors 4 times is not a good practice . Seeing as how new ones don’t really cost much more than turning . And Subaru does not make rotors so a good quality rotor is all you need.

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I’m not sure they were turned all 4 times. One or two might have been replacements.

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