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2009 Subaru Outback wobbles when braking

Subaru has 92,000ish miles. It runs great for a 10 year old car except when stopping. When the breaks are applied and the car is not accelerating it shakes a bit and vibrates the car. Is there a fix to this?

Could be time for spark plugs. Could be a dirty fuel system.
Is the CEL on?
You could try running a fuel system cleaner through it.

If it’s happening during braking, your rotors may be warped. Sticking brake calipers or slides or bad brake line.

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I miss-read that, was thinking vibration after coming to a complete stop.
tcmichnorth is likely correct.

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Something mechanically is wrong with the brakes or suspension and you should have them checked asap for things that could make you crash (loose bolts, worn broken parts, bad wheel bearing, etc.) It’s often one of the things tcm…suggested, and those also require attention. Don’t let this go.

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Probably warped rotors. I suggest you also have suspension components checked for looseness. Warped rotors can set up a resonant frequency and, if the suspension components are worn/loose, the vibration can be accentuated through the brake pedal, steering wheel, or entire car. Going downhill at high speed and pressing the brakes can be quite exciting…
If you are experiencing intermittent pulsing, say from one day to the next, this is because Rotor Warp may be in phase, causing more pulsing, or out of phase thus cancelling the pulsing feeling. Each time you go around a corner, the phase between rotors changes because of the radius distance traveled by the inside tire as compared to the outside tire.
I experienced this on my GMC suburban. I had the rotors refaced and all is well. The shop that refaced them said the warp was minimal (I watched the cutters as they touched the rotor faces) but I told him to continue with the refacing. Problem is completely solved.