Most efficient means to re key door locks on a 3 door vehicle

I need to have the door locks either all re keyed with a remote door opener already available but I am also considering “disabling” the driver and passenger door and simply re keying the rear hatch door to leave the car readily accessable for when the remote door lock opener fails. I am wondering whether first of all the remote would still open the 2 doors which had the disabled door locks with a key to open the re keyed rear hatch door and second I am wondering if this would be economically prudent as well. The reason being for this is that someone had taken a duplicate key to the car and people can and do enter it with that key.

And you can’t get the key back? Should this involve the police?

I’d simply call a locksmith and have all three loocks rekeyed.

If you want to DIY and don’t mind doing some work on the car, you could check an auto parts store and see if they sell replacement lock cylinders for your doors. I know most of them do for some vehicles, but not sure about yours. This involves removing the interior door panels (easier than it looks if you have never done it) and removing the lock cylinder itself if it’s separate, or the exterior door handle if the lock cylinder is integrated into the door handle. If this is the case, once the door handle is removed, it will become apparent how to remove the lock cylinder from it. If you don’t want to deal with all that, a locksmith can do all this for you, maybe without having to buy any parts.

Wait someone stole a duplicate key and is using this key to get into the car. So you want to disable the front doors, and re-key just the hatch, and then I assume use this as your “door”. Is this correct??

If so… Just get the car rekeyed by a locksmith, yes it will cost you some money but I think having working doors is more important. IF you wanted to go cheap, you can pull locks from a junkyard car, and have a locksmith make a key for them. Then install those locks in your car.

Don’t forget the ignition. You should have it rekeyed at the same time. We had to do this recently. A dealer will install a new ignition and new locks because it takes a while to do. There should be a locksmith nearby that will do it for you.

Indeed, bringing the locks to a locksmith shop will save the largest portion of the job, REMOVING/REINSTALLING the locks. Some Subaru year/models have a quick release for the ignition, while others require removing the entire locking bolt assembly from the column.

At my shop, rekeying door and trunk cylinders for Subarus runs 25.00-35.00 each, and the ignition between 35-95 bucks. This includes a CNC CUT set of keys, or an OEM SET ( we often have factory key sets ).

No matter who does it, insist on a correct new KEY CODE, record it in your records, not in the glove box!

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