2002 Sportage drives unsteady at speeds of 55-65mph

It almost feels as if I am hydroplaning at those speeds. I was sitting at a stop sign and was rear ended by someone at 35-40 mph and now after repairs…this is still happening. The insurance company has had the car into many shops and no one can seem to find what is wrong. They all feel it, but no one knows why…

Have you had the rear end aligned? I had a similar problem in a truck that was “hound dogging”, that is to say the rear wheels were not tracking in line with the front wheels.

Has anybody put it on a four wheel alignment machine? I bet they find that one or more wheels is out of alignment. Once your car is realigned it should track straight and steady again.

I’ve had the rear end aligned, the suspension looked at, all four tires replaced, the car has been lifted and spec’d. All checks out fine or “within limits”. Now I’m looking into the U-joints, bushings, and stabilizer bar as they have come into question as possibilities. Question though, can the bushing be checked visually?