2000 Lexus SC 300 - Traction

Anyone experiencing issues with traction from rear wheels. Any experience with rear end slop even at low speed, light braking on dry road surfaces, especially on curves.

Yes people experience that. If tires are okay, then it is a problem with one or more rear end suspension components.
Not safe to drive, have a good shop examine and diagnose the problem.

. Thank you very much. I will get it diagnosed and repaired by a mechanic.

Does this only happen during braking?

How old is the car?

OP says it is a 2000 model year

Yes, tires are new. Yes, back lost traction only on braking, However, over 35MPH I can feel an unsteadiness.

I have it in the shop as advised. Going to get other work done while it is there.New radiator, thermostat, fuel filter, and

all hoses. I Put 50K miles on it since purchased in Texas. It has 136.7K miles total. It was repaired after being rear ended

three years ago. That was after I drove it from Florida to Vancouver… Got on ferry to Vancouver Island. Time to go visit aging relatives.

It may be our last visit with them.

Thanks for your concerns and advise.

Be well.

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One potential cause for that symptom: the rear wheels aren’t in line with the front wheels. Both the rear and front wheels can pass the common alignment specs, but if the rear aren’t directly in line with the front – for example due to an accident and subsequent body repair – handling problems often ensue. Alignment shops can check for that, but may require add’l work beyond the basic procedure.