2000 Taurus wagon suspension

This Taurus rear end “steps out” sideways in a curve with rough surface. It is exagerated with increased speed. My mechanic has checked the suspension and says that all is in order. I think taht it needs a different combination of rear shocks/springs. Any ideas ??? Thanks, DON

Are you taking these turns at significantly higher speeds than indicated by the yellow signs? If so, you might just have to live with the axle tramp.

I think you’re going too fast. The Taurus is a family sedan, not a race car. Slow down and I bet the stepping will cease.

Yep, if you slow down to about 20 I’m sure the problem will go away. Get real! You’re NOT driving too fast!!! I drove a '93 wagon for about ten years. I believe it had a very similar rear susp. to the 2000. I drove the car aggresively and never had the problem you are. First, you’ve got to rule out the tires before you make any hard decision. Once that’s done the have someone else recheck the suspension. It may take some force to move the link bushing that’s faulty. Or it could be a broken spring. They break at the bottom and the break is hard to see. I’d still be highly suspicious of the tires. Air pressure okay?

Are these DRY paved road corners (curves) or gravel washboard corners?

Thanks for your response. It happens at the posted speed limit but is exaggerated by increased speeds.

Thanks for your reply. It happens at the posted speed limit but is exaggerated by increased speed.

Agreed. I think the mechanic missed something.

Thanks for your reply. Interestingly, this 2000 wagon replaced a 1992 wagon. The 1992 did not have this problem. The suspension on this 2000 wagon is original and is OK. Air pressure is OK. I will be checking the tire as you suggested.

Thanks for your resppnse. It happens on any surface that is irregular, paved or not.

You didn’t say if your car started exhibiting these symptoms recently or has it been doing it for as long as you’ve owned it?

Our VW Jetta did that too at around 100,000 miles. With new rear shocks the sideways “jumping” on bumpy curves went away.

Yes. I always thought minor “skidding” off of a paved or concrete washboard curve was a symptom of weak shocks.