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2002 Saturn Vue door lock switch/key fob not working

I have a 2002 Saturn Vue with a couple of miles on it (228,436 to be exact). I bought the car used in 2009 with 150K miles. Since I bought the vehicle, the electric door locks have stopped working, both with the key fop and with the door lock switches. This all started with the key fob working intermittently, and eventually degraded to the door lock switches not working. When I press the door lock switches on any of the doors you can hear the relay try to engage, however the doors do not lock or unlock. This is particularly interesting since now when I turn the ignition off, instead of unlocking the door, the system locks three of the doors and the hatch (it does nothing with the driver side door). I am not sure where to start looking for the root cause of this problem. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t really have any help, just advice to get it fixed before the last one dies and you are locked out of the car. Happened to me once and required a 50 mile tow to the nearest dealer.

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Odd behavior many times points to the BCM (body control module) failing.
BTW…it’s key fob.

That’s what I am afraid of… the BCM. (BTW, thanks for the correction on fop. Post and title corrected accordingly :smile: )

Well, at least the keys still work. It is more of an annoyance than anything.

I wouldn’t condemn the BCM just yet, this odd behavior can be the result of a door lock cylinder arm/disarm switch getting knocked off and stuck in the arm or lock position. The switch inputs to the BCM should be reviewed with a scan tool but if you want to try to diagnose this yourself first test the reaction of each door latch switch and lock cylinder switch.

My first guess is the door lock actuators are failing. 228K miles on the clock means you and that car are doing pretty good though. you gotta allow your otherwise outstanding performing Saturn a few problems , power door locks are easy enough for a shop to fix.

If I had this problem (which I don’t b/c I don’t own a car with power door locks) I’d remove the door panel and probe the actuator to see if it is getting voltage when the button is pressed.