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2003 Saturn Vue Door Locks

My electronic door locks have failed to work intermittently. It started with the back hatch, which would not unlock occasionally. Then it was most of the time, and finally it stopped unlocking a few years ago. The 2003 has a space on the hand latch for a keyhole, but Saturn did not install a key bypass!!

Now, it is the door locks that intermittently fail. The drivers side back door almost never works, while the passenger front and driver door go back and forth, and the passenger back door almost never fails.

The security system also occasionally went off on its own, but the horn stopped working recently and that stopped.

Is my car possessed?

I purchased used in 2005 w/16K miles. Now has 114K miles.

There Have Been Some Problems With The RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) Signal From The Remote Transmitter To The BCM (Body Control Module) Being Interrupted On Some 2002 & 2003 Vues.

The problem usually presents itself as a “range” issue, with the remote not working unless close to the vehicle, but who knows ?

The fix is to check the radio ground strap that is supposed to run from the rear of the radio and down to the H-bracket at the instrument panel fuse block. Some of these little critters (the ground strap) develop a mind of their own and coil-up on top of the BCM, interrupting transmitter signal. If that is the case, take the slack out of the strap and allow it to run perpendicular and then along side of the BCM, which should eliminate the interference.

All of this is apparently accomplished just by removing the instrument panel fuse box cover to gain access. That’s where the BCM & ground wire are, just below the radio. It might be worth checking.


Thanks, I will check it out. Would this also keep those intermittent non-responsive locks from activating with the door lock/unlock button too?