2002 Mercury Sable Brakes Randomly deploy while going 60mph

I was on my way to the doctors office while my car acted up on the highway. My Brakes deployed randomly while going 60mph, along with my AC stopping and a 3-5 of warning lights going off (in a panic state that I can’t remember what lights, with the exception of the break light). This happened for 5-10 second then the car drove fine, never stalled or turned off. Not really sure what could cause this, anyone here ever heard of something like this. Thanks

Are you sure that the brakes were being activated, or is it possible that your engine simply lost power intermittently? For me, the clue is the presence of many warning lights.

If the engine or its emissions system are experiencing problems, it is not unusual on some cars for several warning lights to show up, in addition to the Check Engine Light. On the other hand, brake problems are only likely to cause the brake system warning light to glow, and sometimes that light doesn’t show up anyway.

I strongly suggest that you go to an auto parts store (Auto Zone, Advance, O’Reilly, possibly Napa), and ask them to check for stored trouble codes. Then, come back to this thread and post those codes which will look similar to this format:

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Along with @VDCDriver 's solid reasoning, it could also be something like the ignition switch, in case no codes are stored: maybe the switch is intermittent and it sometimes turns the car off and back on, all by itself and very briefly.
In that case, as far as the car as a system is concerned, the key got turned off so it doesn’t see that as a problem.