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2002 Mercury Marauder - Puddle

when it rains I get a puddle on the pass front floor cant find it any where inside but on the floor

Check/clear your AC drain.

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Might have lost your windsheild seal. AC drain is a first stop for the pass side though.

Here’s how I find these kind of leaks fast. You’ll need to remove any trim panels holding the carpet and padding in place. Pull those back and place paper towels along the metal surfaces leading to the footwell. Close the doors and flood the exterior of the car using a garden hose. After a bit, open the door and inpect the towels. They will be wet where the water is running down. Follow it upward until you locate the source…

Do you have a sunroof? If so, there might be a drain line in that A pillar that’s blocked.

One more possibility - the drain from the area between the windshield and the engine compartment (the front cowl) could be plugged, letting that area fill up with water and leak into the car. This will be apparent if you do @TwinTurbo 's test.