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2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Won't start

my car has a new fuel system and a new stater and still wont start

Why did the car get a new fuel system? Who did it? What engine? How many miles on it? Are you working on this yourself?

Do you have spark . . . ?!

which C-Class . . . ?!

C240 . . . ?!

C320 . . . ?!

Presumably it started and ran at some point, and the fuel system and starter replacement wasn’t to repair a major internal-engine-related problem. If so, when an engine cranks oks — that rr rrr rrrr sound w/the key in “start” – but it won’t catch and run, the cause is almost always either no spark or no fuel. The first step is to determine which. That will make the subsequent diagnosis much easier. Are you able to make that determination?