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Mercedes C280 not stating

Ok this car has not run in 3 years it over heated and creck the head now all repair are done and it time to run again it look like it getting spark and it hard to tell but it look like it get gas note the gas is 3 years old, it turns over good we spay starting fluid in it but nothing I know there 12 volts going to the coils and fuel inj and you can hear the fuel pump now I not sure what to do next thinking to replace the gas and fuel filter this car was running till I started the repairs

If the gas was not treated with Sta-BIL, you should smell the gas. If it doesn’t smell like gas anymore, drain the tank and clean the fuel lines. You might have to clean the injectors too.

"it look like it getting spark"

It is getting spark.
It is not getting spark.

What does “it look like it getting spark” mean? Why do you believe it is getting spark?

"…it turns over good we spay starting fluid in it but nothing…"
Where are you spraying the ether? If it is getting spark then it should be doing more than nothing.

It first glance, I’d revisit the ignition part of this.

Mercedes C280 C-Class


The gas should be drained and refueled, but that is not the problem.

Something else is missing, or it would at least try to start with the starting fluid…even a pop or two.

If this is a overhead cam…are you sure the timing is correct. You could have the timing 180 degrees off and the marks align correctly, but the spark fires at the exhaust stroke instead of the end of the compression stroke.

it look like it getting spark

This sounds like you are unsure.
You can purchase a cheap spark tester to be sure you do have spark.

What year is this mystery vehicle???



Whoa Nellie! Uncanny! Cue The Twilight Zone Music!
Almost the same response at the same time (2 hours after the last comment)!


That is close @“common sense answer” ???

Almost like I sneaked into your house to raid your refig and peeked over your shoulder.

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Remember that Twilight Zone where the man drops his watch, it cracks & stops working, and immediately everything around him stops too? The world becomes a freeze frame. Maybe this problem is related … the c280 won’t turnover b/c time has stopped in that local area … lol …