2002 mazda mpv that turns off while driving

Hi I drive a 2002 mazda mpv that turn off while driving. It makes no sound, just turns off. I 'll notice the moment the steering wheel and brakes turns hard. this is now on a daily basis. Any suggestions on what it may be the problem? We just changed the oxigen sensor on it this past friday, got a new battery too. BTW now the key can’t be removed from the ignition, had to unplug the cables on the steering column. Help please.

Do you still have power? If not you need to check battery cables and grounds. If you do that is another can of worms. Fuel pump, computer…

It does have power. I can turn it on again with no problem, (last friday had to replace the battery) but before that it had no problem turning back on. That[s what I think the problem is the fuel pump. Hopefully not the computer. Thank you for your answer.

My 2002 MPV had a ignition key removal problem a couple of years ago. Turned out to be some electronic interlock device that was buried deep inside the steering column. I could start the vehicle fine, and turn the ignition to the off position, but was unable to make the last turn of the ignition whereby the key could be removed - unless I got under the hood and disconnected one (or both) battery cable(s). Without power to the electronic interlock device, the key could be turned all the way allowing removal. It was an expensive repair but necessary due to the fact that my wife didn’t want to get under the hood and disconnect cables everytime she wanted to take the key out of the ignition or be able to start the vehicle.