Mazda MPV won't start

I have a 2000 Mazda MPV minivan. Several times a year, it does not start. The key turns, the dashboard lights shine, but the engine does not turn. Moving from park to neutral doesn’t help.

We have replaced the battery, starter (twice), the ignition switch and the neutral safety switch.

It seems to happen mostly when the car has been off for an hour or two, and more often in hot weather.

Typically, after waiting a few minutes to a few hours, it will start and be fine again for a few months. It will always start after being towed to the mechanic’s shop.

Possibly related is that the key is often hard to remove. It requires pushing the shift lever slightly toward the dash.

Have the same problem with my Mazda. Have noticed that it have started when the car is parked with the front downwards. Do not know if this is consistent.

The key turns, the dashboard lights shine, but the engine does not turn. Any noise (click etc.) happen?

Have you or another driver of the car have or had a lot of keys etc on their key chain?  If so you may have worn the key and or lock due to the extra weight.  If you have a second key you can try that, but I suspect a new lock is in your future.

Is the neutral safety switch being made? You should not have to move the shifter to get the key out. Have you tried moving the shifter to neutral when it does not start?

No noise, no clicks. The lights shine, but that’s it. Changing the key doesn’t help.

Is the lock the same as the ignition switch, which I’ve already replaced? Or is that a separate part that I should try next.

Yes, as my original post said, moving from park to neutral does not help. I replaced the neutral safety switch.

I don’t know if the problem getting the key out is related.