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2002 Maxima

I own a 2002 Maxima that has 216K miles on it; the engine has begun to randomly sputter (never turning off), and, when this is happening and the accelerator is intermittently depressed, the tachometer does not register any increase in RPMs, plus the car does not pull itself forward. Yet occasionally the engine does rev itself, and the car lunges forward. Also, the dashboard has highlighted the ABS light, battery light, and brake light in a flashing manner at times while this is occuring. Have checked the 3-1/2 month old battery, transmission, and alternator, and all are working fine…while the car is behaving, mind you. Also, have put a gas treatment in the tank to dispel the bad gasoline notion. My mechanic has said it’s registering 17 volts, when it should register 14 volts, but he hasn’t identified the source. What’s going on?

The electrical system should never be as high as 17 volts. This is typically a symptom of a bad voltage regulator (inside the alternator).