Car dies suddenly then recovers

2000 Nissan Maxima, 6 cyl. On hwy or street, it periodically loses power. It doesn’t stall out completely, but recovers after stepping hard on gas pedal. It has new exhaust system, incl. all new converters, resonator and muffler. Any ideas? Driving me crazy!

Sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Specifically the fuel pressure regulator. Perhaps.

Could be an oddity like the throttle position sensor, but I’d look to the fuel first.

Why did you change the catalytic converters? Has someone been throwing parts at a problem in a vain attempt to turn off the check engine light code? Has the prescribed routine maintenance been performed?

This is a long shot, but a bad idle control can really act weird if it is intermittent. Solid failures are obvious, but intermittents are not. if you have a tachometer, note how it acts when it fails. Also, some intermittents will start the tachometer needle oscillating when you are parked, That needle should sit solidly at idle.

I left my car at the shop for 4 days with the same problem. They cahnged my spark plugs and told me it was fixed but it did the same thing on the way home. Did you ever get stuck anywhere? I work 66 miles from home and it scares me.