02 Maxima idles rough, long start, foul plugs, misfire codes

I have an 02 Maxima 3.5L, hard starts, idles rough, hwy runs ok, multiple cylinders misfires. I have put new cam crank sensors, 6 new coils, and tune up. Please help as i just came back on here. Thanksssss

Have you checked for a leaking fuel pressure regulator?


I will check on that as i plan to do fuel system next. Nothing done to fuel system except i hooked up a meter with the key on and it reads ok with the pump, but that’s beyond the regulator. I have never seen this and i worked on so many Nissan, Infinity. Thanks for the advice, if you can think of some please advise.

Specific error codes?? (Like P0123)

Some auto part stores will read them for free, try Advanced Auto Parts or Autozone.

How did this start? Did you do anything just before it started? You’ve probably checked this but it sounds like bad or crossed plug wires.