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2002 Lexus SC 430 GPS tilt function is broken

the Tilt function on my GPS screen is stuck in one position and won’t return to the other “higher” position. suggestions on getting it to work again?

Likely the tilt sensor is broken and sending a bogus signal to the display. Normally I’d suggest taking it to a good independent mechanic but this may be a dealer item.

May need to get a replacement off Ebay, or a new one from, say, Crutchfield.

This can happen in course of airbag safety replacements-a lot of stuff comes off the dash to do. Sometimes can be fixed-see Lexus bull. boards-but quite time consuming, and the NAV is outdated, w. lots of roads modified since last update. It’s a frill, as sun washes out this display, too. Best bet is leam ving it alone and getting a Garmin/Tom

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