2002 Lexus ES300 Electrical Issue Dash Flickering and car loses power

Yesterday the cars dash lights started flickering and started losing power. I was able to get the car home, checked the battery terminals which appeared tight The battery is 4-5 months old.

I don’t believe the alternator is bad since the car still starts and did not run the battery down on the way home. The dash just starts flickering and losing power even while in park. I have not been able to get to Advance Auto for them to get me codes since I am sure I will get better results posting to my bretheren on Car Talk!!

Error codes mostly pertain to the engine systems. The most logical trouble spot for your problem is the connectors to the dash. Try reconnecting them. If that doesn’t help then you need to check the power connection to the dash. There could be a loose contact in a connector or the ignition switch may have some contact issue. You could try cycling the switch to see if that helps.

You mean on the firewall side? Ok. will do.

Odd electrical problems many times point to corroded or loose ground connections. Look for any wires bolted to the car body. There are several and some are not easy to find. Grab and see if they move. Any hint of corrosion, remove, clean, and reattach.

As I suspected…it was the alternator. Got one from advance discount auto parts…$160 after coupon discount in stock, saturdays project.

Thanks for posting back what it was, sounds like you got the problem under control. If you’ve recently jump started another car or had this car jump started, that could be the cause of the alternator problem.