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2002 Kia Sportage rear window will not roll up

The window will roll down but not up from both the driver controls and the offending door.

I was able to get the window back up by taking the door apart and reversing the harness connector while pressing the window down button. So I know the motor and rails are fine. It sounds like maybe there is a faulty relay somewhere that reverses the polarity to the window motor?

The polarity is reversed within the switches to reverse the direction, no relay is needed.

The problem might be the switch, try substituting the window switch from the other rear door and see if the window operates properly.

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How would that explain why I can’t roll the window up from the driver’s seat?

Power from the master switch must pass through the passenger switches in route to the motors. If there is a failed contact in a passenger window switch that window won’t work from the master switch.

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Perhaps… I’ll give it a shot.

Nevada_545 knows wiring!