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2000 Cherokee...Window goes down, but not up

This morning I got into my 2000 Jeep Cherokee and tried to roll the back windows down to get a little air moving.

The driver-side rear window worked fine from the driver’s controls, but the passenger rear wouldn’t budge. I reached back and tried the switch on the door itself; it opened just fine. When I tried to put it back up neither switch would move the window up.

The driver’s control switches move the rest of the window’s just fine.

The rear passenger window can still go down because I didn’t open it all the way, it just won’t go up.

The motor makes no weird noises and there are no grinding noises like it’s off the track.

So, any suggestions? I’m assuming a switch or wiring issue, but don’t really know where to start?

two person job.

one pushes the button to raise it. the other straddles the open door with two hands squeezing the glass applying upward pressure to give an “assist” to the window.

if the window will raise, then the regulators are getting sticky. if the help does not assist the raising of the glass, then the wiring and motor needs to be checked.