2002 kia optima acts flooded

If start my car when cold and only drive a like from the driveway to the garage 20 feet away and turn off the car it acts flooded but if i say drive it around the block it start up fine right away and it only happens if the car is cold by means of not warmed up not cold out side. its a 4 cylinder engine

The problem is hard start after an inital start then shutdown when still cold? I am going with fouled spark plugs until you say different, pull the plugs when you are having one of these no start conditions, if they are fuel fouled we may want to look at why,perhaps fuel pressure.

Describe “acts flooded”

Actually, it probably is flooded.

Most owners manuals will tell you to run the engine at least 30 seconds in cold weather, if not longer. This is due to the fact that when the engine is this cold, the fuel injection system is running the engine extremely rich, in order to get the car running.

If you start the engine, move it 20 feet into the garage, and instantly shut it off, the cylinder walls and spark plug are going to be covered in raw fuel. The next time you go to start it, its going to add even more fuel, and make it harder to start.

Also, all this extra fuel is going to wash the protective layer of oil of of the pistons, piston rings, cylinder walls, and cause extra wear on these parts, not to mention diluting the engine oil you need to lubricate the engine over 3k+ miles.

So I would probably recommend that you either pull right into the garage as soon as you get home, or do the once around the block thing. That’s what I do when I’m juggling vehicles in my garage and driveway for servicing. 4 cars and 1 open garage slot (the other side holds 4 motorcycles, all the time) means lots of car juggling.