2002 Jetta - Is the Sensor in the Door Latch?

I hope I’m not breaking any protocol by reposting my earlier question, but I wanted more advice. Here’s what I already posted:

“Hi there everyone! Got a question that hopefully I can get some help on!

I have a 2002 Jetta, and all in all, it’s in awesome condition. The only thing that’s giving me a hassle is this door sensor!

I live in southern Arizona, and it’s rare that we have temperatures below freezing. However, we had actual snow, that stuck and iced over our roads last winter. That day, my fiance had the driver’s door open while he tried to scrape the windshield. When he was done and he tried to close the door, it seemed like the latch had stuck-- he finally ended up having to force it really hard to get the door to close and latch. It probably took about 5-6 minutes of slamming to get it to work.

Ever since then, the door sensor hasn’t worked correctly. We’ll be driving along, and suddenly the car will think that the driver’s door is open, and will ding at us for a couple of minutes before it gets tired of it and stops. Or, the door will close enough for the alarm to be turned on, and then decide it’s not closed, and set off the alarm.

I’m hoping someone can give me an idea of what repairing this will entail, and about how much it’ll cost us. I really appreciate it!”

The one response I received said the sensor might need to be adjusted, but I was hoping to get some more information. Is the sensor in the latch in '02 Jettas?

When I did a search for “door sensor,” another question referenced spraying WD-40 into the latch while working the door handle-- is this recommended?

If I recall correctly a friend who has had very few issues with his 2000 Golf(similar) it is about $400 to replace a sensor in the door that does exactly what you speak of. This was a dealer price.