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2003 F150 door ajar sensor

I have a 2003 F150 supercrew 4x4. The door ajar light stays on every now and then, when all the doors are shut. It isn’t every time, but enough to bother me. There aren’t any buttons in the door jams like in my older fords. Does anyone know where the sensors are for the doors. I can’t figure out which door is causing this.

This is a common problem ever since Ford moved the switch to the door latch area. Most folks just spray it with some WD-40 & close the door a few times to work it in.

thanks. I’ll try that.

The switches are inside the door, mounted on the latch to sense even slight movement of the levers inside. Only if you’re a good aim and know where they are can you get any lube from the outside.

I tried it and so far it is working.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad it worked for you

I am glad you go it working but if it happens again I would throw away the WD40 and use PB Blast instead. WD will gum up.

not to sound completely stupid but what is PB Blast and where do you spray it because I am having the same problem but to a larger extent. it has actually drained the battery more than once because my truck never thinks the door is shut. do you spay it in the top and bottom hinges of the driver and passenger doors or all four. thanks for any help.

I’d continue to use WD-40 I’ve used it for years and as far as gumming things up, I don’t think so. Everytime you spray, it will clean off any “gummed up” stuff and “refresh” the mechanism. I had the same problem with a 95 windstar (same lock mechanism)and spray the lock about once a year and have for going on 7 years so far without an issue.

I’ve gotten rid of WD-40, and just use PB Blaster. WD-40 was designed as a water displacer (hence the WD), and any lubricating properties were secondary. PB Blaster was designed as a penetrating lubricant, and has a great ‘creep’ factor to get into tight spaces. And, it doesn’t evaporate off as fast, leaving a nice light oil residue that works longer.