2002 Jeep Liberty transmission problems

We are original owners of a 2002 Jeep Liberty that has been babied over less than 29K miles. All maintenance service has been on schedule and with the dealership. The problem is when we place the car in reverse gear it doesn’t seem to fully engage, i.e., slips, even if we increase the rpm’s. The Jeep dealership has told us we are facing a repair in excess of $3000 to investigate the problem [with no committment of a permanent resolution]. Question: This car is essentially new - only 29K miles and never even off-road. Any suggestions on how we get Chrysler to fix this at no charge since we have babied this car since day one?

Thanks, Pete

If you are out of warranty(very likely) the only way they possibly will fix it is by goodwill from Jeep itself. Call customer service and ask.

Its low mileage but the vehicle is 6 years old, not old nor really new either.

Have you checked your warranty paperwork? I believe the 2002 model had a 7/70 powertrain warranty which should cover the transmission, especially if you’ve had all the maintenance done by the dealer.

Ed B.

$3000 to “investigate” with no guarantee the problem will be fixed??

If you’re still under warranty, take it to another dealer. And don’t go back to the original dealer under any circumstances.