2002 Jeep Liberty - Glass on Rear Swing Gate won't close



The title says it all…

I close the swing gate on my liberty and it closes no problem. I try to flip down the glass and it refuses to “Catch” and close. It looks like all the parts to this latch system between the glass and gate are easy access so I’d rather fix this myself instead of spending $$ for the a shop or (Even Worse) the DEALER to fix it!


Sounds like it’s worth a try. Did you have a question?


Yes Greasy Jack, Would you have any ideas as to:
(a) What is causing he problem?
(b) How someone could fix the problem?


the usual problem is the gasket gets dislodged and “hits” the glass before it can get clicked.

inspect the gasket all the way around.

also, you need to check the lifter rods to make sure they are not bound up, and contributing to this problem.


Thanks it was the gasket. A simple fix.


not sure if your jeep has either the torsion rods or the gas filled lift rods (otherwise known as gas charged struts!) OR BOTH. if these are wearing out, or not helping to close the glass could be a contributing factor.

if it has the torsion rods above the glass make sure they are still in their keeper holes and slots. (be careful as they are under tension) the torsion rods are not on the glass, but usually on the door.

it appears your lift gate glass is just ‘helped’ by the gas charged strut lifters. these go for about 20.00 each. and take about 20 minutes to swap out. i don’t know which sockets you need, or just a torx, but when that happens it is an easy fix.

and the gas lift rods are easily replaceable too if needed.