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04 Jeep Liberty Swing Gate

I have a 2004, Jeep Liberty Sport. The swing gate is stuck in the latched position. There are two issues. I can not change the brake lights without being able to open the gate. Secondly, I can’t replace parts that are bad without being able to open the gate. Most forums note the manual unlock inside the gate, itself. It’s normally a little yellow tab. For some reason, my variant of the latch motor does not have this and I have no way of opening the gate. How can I get this open, to at least change the brake lights.

Can you remove the inner door panel?

Can you open the rear window? that should unlock the gate. Maybe it needs a little more force, I have had the sheet for the dogs get stuck in the latch, and it appeared to be an unworkable latch, but jut needed a little more oomph.