2002 jeep liberty ac help


My wife’s 2002 jeep liberty’s ac works great but quits cooling all at once then can starts working again. You just never know when it is going to work.Could the cooling fan sensor be bad ?


Does this vehicle have manual controls or some fancy-pants microprocessor-controlled digital controls? When you say it quits, does the fan stop or does the output get warm and humid?


The output fans turns warm and the compressor quits and ac radiator fan stops running.


p.s. IT doesn’t have digital controls.


Ignore Star882’s posts they’re rubbish as always.
The first thing that needs to be checked is refrigerant charge. An A/C shop will need to do this as it requires special gauges. If the refrigerant is low then the low pressure cut-out switch could be tripping, which would cause the compressor to shut off as well as the condenser fan.

If the refrigerant charge is okay, then it could be a faulty low switch or a fault in the switch wiring, a faulty compressor relay, or a problem with the high side switch. Some high pressure switches also cutout the compressor and fan.

The gauge readings will almost certainly give you the answer, so bring it down to an A/C shop and have them put the gauges on it. This should NOT cost you an arm an a leg.