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2002 Jeep Liberty A/C problem

My a/c cuts out periocically. Dealer recharged the system and it still happens.

They could not find any problem when I bring it to them. Any help out there.

“Cuts out periodically?” Can you provide a more detailed description of what happens?

A/C works for a while then blows out hot air. Will go back to cool after an engine restart. Won’t happen when the dealer has it.

I have a 2002 Liberty with the same problem. Did you find out what is causing problem?

Mine does the same!

My 2003 Jeep Liberty A/C is doing the same thing. It periodically cools for 5 minutes then blows hot air for a minute. Seems to happen after running veicle for 20-30 minutes before this happens. I took it in and had the coolant recharged and they said a door was sticking[??]. It still is doing the same thing again. They can’t seem to find the problem today.