2002 Isuzu Axiom Check Torque on Demand Light Flashing

We had the transmission rebuilt on Oct 1, 2013. Since then the check TOD light has flashed steadily. The transmission guys could get no codes on their equipt. We took it to another mechanic who replaced the speed sensor, light still flashed so he took it off. Finally found a way to get some codes which indicated neutral safety switch. He tried that, light still flashed, part removed. Tranny was leaking some fluid, so back to transmission shop. They had it for a week, fixed the leak, but could find nothing wrong with TOD, even with help from ATSG, so we took the car back. They offered to help pay if we find out the problem and it was something they did. Our problem? Can’t find anyone who has the equipment to test the TOD. Any suggestions? Piece of advice: never buy a discontinued car. I bought this used about 3-4 years ago, it now has 116-117K miles. Any and all help appreciated.

You might be able to see if a Honda or Acura dealer or specialist would be able to help. Isuzu bulit the Passport and the poor selling Acura SLX. I don’t think the Passport used the TOD system, but it was on the Troopers which were basically the same as the Acura SLX. You might see if there is a customer relation number or email for Isuzu or Borg Warner, who actually manufactured the Torque on Demand system. Isuzu USA is gone, however they are still a going concern worldwide and still building cars. They might be able to provide you with technical information that your mechanics might not have access to.

Thanks, TX. I’ll try anything I can.

Have you tried this>> http://www.isuzu.com/home.jsp it locates your local or former Isuzu repair facilities.