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ISUZU trooper 2001 Check Light under TOD display

Hello all,

First of all, let me say that I have no automotive skills. I have a 2001 Isuzu Trooper 4x4 that recently started blinking the “CHECK” (not check engine or check transmission) light under the TOD display. I am currently stationed in Germany. I took to the auto skills on base/post and they couldn’t tell me what was wrong and referred me to the Honda Dealer ship (no Isuzu dealers around). They also could not find out what was wrong. The check light is still blinking. The vehicle seems to run well, but I have not tried to put it in 4x4 mode. Any thoughts or suggestions or even better, answers/fixes would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I’m not familiar with the term “TOD”. DO you have the owner’s manual for the truck? There should be at least some rudimentary info on what the light means.

Thank you for serving.

I do have the owner’s manual–somewhere–during the move it was misplaced–TOD stands for Torque on Demand. Thanks for the quick response and suggestion.

Okay, did a little looking. “Torque On Demand”, Isuzu’s AWD system. There is a dedicated controller for this system, and it’s sending out a “Mayday!”. I imagine it would take a fairly sophisticated scan tool to read the error code(s). Lacking such a tool, the speed sensors and their wiring should be looked at first.

EDIT: Here’s a forum thread that discussed TOD problems: