Check Engine Light On



I have an Isuzu Axiom 2004 model. The engine light came and I have had a mojor tuner done on it including brand new spark plug. Mechanics have tried to reset it but it won’t even go for .5 mile before it cames on again. Some Mechanics are suggesting to have timing belt/water pump changed. Would this fix my engine light issue?


It could be as simple as a vacuum hose that came loose or as expensive as a transmission failure. It is hard to tell unless we have the codes. Did your mechanic check the codes? Can you post them here?


Yes, the code I got from Autozone is P1350 (Failed Igniotion control madule/Failed ECM). Another mechanic who did the major tuner up told he’s getting VVT error code. As of today 03/30…the following was done to the vehicle: New Air Filter, New R&R Ignation Coil, R&R Fuel Filter, Fuel Injection Cleaning.


For code P1350, the tune-up, fuel filter, and injection cleaning would not have helped. Neither will the timing belt replacement. This code is for the ignition control or ECM problem or failure. Is this truck still under warranty? The factory warranty is 7 years or 75,000 miles. There is also a Federally mandated emissions warranty for 8 years and 80,000 miles that covers the ECM and ignition control system.

But I think the only fix is going to be looking at the ECM.


“Is this truck still under warranty? The factory warranty is 7 years or 75,000 miles.”

It may, at least in theory, be under warranty. The trick will be to find an Isuzu dealership.
Isuzu has essentially left the US market, and the only vehicles of theirs that are still sold in the US are commercial “Box Trucks”.