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2002 Impala Stops and Jerks While Driving

Was wondering if I could get any help on this. I have a 2002 Impala that stops while driving. The car’s motor stops completely and you have to turn the key off, set it in park and turn it back on quickly. The problem seems to be a lot more frequent when the gas tank is anything below full. The car also sometimes won’t restart right away if it’s been driven for a couple of hours or more. Mechanics have blamed sensors, the alternator and the starter. I’ve had the sensors and starter changed but there’s still no improvement. The car also sometimes jerks forward even while stopped with my foot on the break at a red light. Any help would appreciated.

During And After All This Drama Is Taking Place, Has The “Check Engine Light” Illuminated ? Also, Are Mechanics Pulling Any Diagnostic Trouble Codes ? If So, Which Ones, Specifically ?

Do you get any lights, “security” or otherwise ?


Inspect The Engine Wiring Harness Where It Passes The Mounting Ring On The A/C Accumulator.

Some 2002 and early 2003s Impalas have been found with this harness chaffing against that mounting ring and causing a rub through to the wires inside. The result is various drivability problems including stalling, not restarting, ABS warning, intermittent MIL illuminations (and stored codes), and various other electrical system failures.

Should you find a defect, the wires need to be repaired, sealed, and better protected.


No Response. I Feel Like I’m Talking To Myself. Is There An Echo In Here ?