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2001 Imapla quits while running for no apparent reason

01 Impala is running fine, driving along and then quits for no apparent reason. Sometimes a wait of 20-30 minutes will see it start up again, sometimes I have to wait longer. This happens intermittently, in warm weather and cool, wet and dry.

It has happened 6 or 7 times now during past 8 months, and has been towed 3 times now to garage. We’ve looked at the passlock systems, fuel pump, gas lines, etc…Ignition module(?) has been replaced I think as well as passlock. I’ve heard this is a problem with this model. The car has 72,000 miles.

The engine turns over strong and acts like it wants to crank when this happens, but it just won’t start.

my 2002 impala did this and it was the mass air flow sensor. cost around $90 for a rebuilt

thanks for your reply.

My 93 Plymouth voyager has stared doing the same thing about a couple months ago. My machanic also cannot find what is causing it. They changed the MAPS but still quits while driving or idaling at a light. I asked and I do not have a mass air flow sensor in my car. Also it will not do it while at the shop. I sent a e-mail today to Chryler for help.

Another thing that can cause this is a faulty crankshaft position sensor. GM’s have a history of these sensors failing causing the problem you describe.

Have the crankshaft position sensor tested for resistance while it’s cold. Then heat it up with a heat gun and check the resistance again. This will confirm if this is what’s causing your problem.


its funny you should say that about the crankshaft sensor. the garage checked that too. Im glad this is a company car and I dont have to pay for these repairs. they just replaced the ignition module, again i think. the time before this, they tried to look at the computer and there were no codes programmed in so they couldnt get a reading. they programmed in the codes (i don’t know what that means) and this last time they said there was no spark when the engine turned over…changed the ignition module out, and it started right up. so maybe that was it.

either way, one more month with this car, and I will get a replacement–2010 impala is on its way.
thanks for the feedback…i think this 2001 car has always kinda sucked…too many computer issues…

the information center is a maze of codes and lights…

whatever happened to the goood cars? haha.