2002 Hyundai 350GL

Any time I hit a minor bump in the road I hear a clanking/rattling noise on the rear driver’s side. I have checked the muffler, removed the driver’s side rear wheel (to check if it’s the brakes), checked the trunk for any loose parts, and, while I drove, my wife even lowered the rear seat and stuck her head in the trunk to locate the miffing, obnoxious noise - nothing! Help!

Have you checked the entire exhaust system? Catalytic converters commonly have a heat shield on them, which is a piece of metal typically tack-welded to and surrounding the converter casing. The tack welds often rot through and the heat shields begin to rattle. The common “fix” is to wrap a large worm-type hose clamp from the hardware store around the heat shields and the converter and tighten it up.

Since this is a 2002, the system may be stainless and it may not be the heat shield. Whether it is or not, you’ll need to get the car securely on stands or on a rack and shake some things underneath to find out what’s rattling. I emphasize SECURELY.

In addition to the exhaust, pay particular attention to struts and sway bars. Strut mounts and bushings commonly go bad and cause these noises also.