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Rattling front end

I have a 2004 GMC envoy, currently there is a rattling coming from what sounds like the front end… I have tightened down the heat shield on the back part that was loose (there is two parts of the heat shield on this suv) but that was the only part I checked, wasnt very thorough… the noise is still rattling. It doesnt rattle going over bumps or around turns, just when I get up to 20 MPH or higher. Any ideas? Wondering if I should just take the damn heat shields off…

Take it out and see if the noise stops.

i pulled the trans on an 05 trailblazer and i do recall taking out a large heat shield for the pass side exhaust manifold/pipe since it is a 6cyl motor with only exh parts on the pass side. it was a little funky to reach the bolts but it came out ok. could be this issue you are looking at

. For front-end noises, pop the hood, and have your comrade press down on the bumper or fender, then release and lift repeatedly until the suspension is really working. While he does this, listen carefully and use a good light to examine the upper strut or shock mounts and the control arm joints. If you hear anything untoward, but can’t pinpoint the source, place the end of a broomstick against your ear and touch the other end to suspected areas. This works almost as well as a mechanic’s stethoscope. Nothing obvious? Then lie down and look underneath with your light, even though your friend’s stamina may be taxed by this time.

Is it a metallic rattle or more of a flapping sound? If latter, check the belly pan to be sure it’s still fastened all the way around. The fasteners on these rot or get left off and they can flap at higher speeds